3 Moviegos join Tucker and Dale vs EVIL!

The Collaboration

Layne’s pick for the now-two-weeks-ago Saturday Collab was a landslide vote for Tucker & Dale vs. EVIL. It also turned out to be a nearly uneventful viewing as the three of us were so engrossed in the film that we were hesitant to Tweet anything, instead resorting to putting up a GIF of whatever scene had just played. The movie is funny enough by itself.

The Film

Tucker & Dale vs. EVIL (2010)
Direction by: Eli Craig
Screenplay: Eli Craig & Morgan Jurgenson
Featuring: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk & Katrina Bowden
Production: (I’m fixing this)
Major Threats: Bees, heavy machinery, college kids, old houses

I don’t know how to cover this one without robbing you of the experience. The gist of it is that it takes the classic trope of hillbillies menacing a group of college students in the woods and flips it completely on its head. See, Tucker and Dale have just bought their dream place out in the woods, a rustic cabin near a lake. Sure, this place is run-down and there’s junk all over the place, but it’s theirs! All it needs is some fixing up and it’ll be the perfect retreat for these chums.

Thing is, a group of college students has set up camp on the other side of that lake. They’ve already had a run-in with our boys on their way out here and of course have read them both completely at face value. So when it happens that Tucker and Dale are out in their boat doing some fishing and witness Allison hit her head on a rock and sink into the lake and then go over to help her, all that the others can see from where they are is these two guys pulling their friend into the boat.

A misunderstanding happens immediately and quickly escalates to absurd proportions as the two can’t seem to figure out why these kids seem to be out for them. Every attempt by them to try to get a message across to these crazy college kids gets hysterically misinterpreted, spinning into a carnival of Loony Tunes-level violence I haven’t seen since Evil Dead 2. So crack open a cold one and pop this sucker in.


Layne: Amazing writing, visuals, and acting. I laugh harder every time. Rating: 10/10

Peter: An enjoyable and clever horror parody. Some fab deaths and a vile villain. Worth a watch. Rating: 7/10

Alex: I loved the classic concept turned on its head the first time I watched the film and the bees and deaths just stay fresh. I might be biased. Rating 9/10

Collaboration Average Rating: 8.6/10 (10/12’s of a cooler)

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