What? Three Moviegos is Evolving!

If you’ve been following Peter’s weekly updates, I had an off-season incident involving a wayward turtle that ended up taking me out of last Saturday’s entertainment festivities.

[Dramatic re-enactment]
With only himself and Layne in the game, it was opted to go with a shorter format with an episode of The Twilight Zone and a creepypasta on YouTube. Brothers, you speak my language.

This alteration of format, along with a passing likening to Mystery Science Theater 3000 (My fault.), attracted some interested parties into the line-up. While it’s still early and we’re all comparing schedules, I can already tell from what I’ve seen of their blog thus far that the latest to join, Amberley, will fit right in with the shenanigans.

The whole story is under Peter’s link, the basics are as follows:

Start Time: 9pm UK/4pm EST/3pm CST
Twilight Zone: Cold Fusion
Start Time: 9:30pm UK/4:30pm EST/3:30pm CST
Theater of Puppets, read by CreepsMcPasta

CreepsMcPasta is a great narrator and The Twilight Zone is practically The King of anthologies. Those and our usual conversation and probable buffoonery, of course. Question is, what hokey moniker do I come up with for this? :v

2 thoughts on “What? Three Moviegos is Evolving!

    1. This all sounds intricate… how does it all work. I see tags and I don’t know how do that on twitter. LOL. I feel like such a… i’m hazy… sorry. gotta go play Mom on some lovely girls and make dinner.

      See yas!


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