Why Use the Term “Shit”?

Back when I held the poll on what should become the new name of the old Page, “Weird Shit with Alex” was among the choices mainly because I knew my audience and thought they’d find it funny. There were certainly other options that I favored more (I would have made it “Alex Likes Weird Stuff“.) but opinion swayed me and thus was the Page rechristened.

“Shit”, however, came to be more than a mere word. “Shit” in my usage is a very casual stand-in for “stuff” or “things”. It might be a harsh word to some but to me it has become a way of saying, “Whoa, look at this! I thought it was worth expending effort on.” It’s a “Big-Person” word, and what better term to use when describing crazy-big stuff like amazingly bootlegged toys and products, or fart putty?

“Shit” is never used in the derogatory here. I love every cool or crap thing that I come across. The awful Optimus Prime figure, the KO robots from SirToys, those abominable plastic knights, the shoddy things I find for a dollar, I love all of those just as much as the Cool things that I share here. You don’t have a behind-the-scenes look but I do take care of them. They have a sturdy container exclusively for their storage and I’ll often take one or two out and display them somewhere even if it’s only me that they make smile that particular day.

Nobody will sing praise upon or showcase the kind of things that I do, that’s why I chose to do it. The lyrics are just a tad explicit, is all. 😀

10 thoughts on “Why Use the Term “Shit”?

  1. Going to be honest… read the title of your blog and was already hooked… Next thought was with a bad ass title like that… he better back it up…still waiting… haha… ; )

    I think the shit in the title leaves a humorous impression… Yes I love these things… but I’m still going to poke fun at them and feel nothing about it… It also has a come join me… we can do it together vibe… If you went with like or Alex’s Amazing Weird Stuff… It would seem more like you just want to tell me what you like… Which is cool… but it isn’t as fun right out the gate…

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  2. Well, shit! I’ve never understood people’s aversion to the word “shit.” In it’s most literal sense it’s used in reference to defecation. Poop, doodoo, poopoo, caca, number 2… it’s all the same shit. Humpin’ poop! Somehow that sounds way grosser than fuckin’ shit!

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