A Surprise Find!

The Brother Glen and I had a lot of errands to run and were out for most of the day. Among the visits to our current pharmacy for government-sanctioned happy pills and our soon-to-be pharmacy to submit insurance and doctor information, a hunt through several shops and department stores for a replacement key clip (I am truly amazed at how many kinds of shops don’t sell these.), and a stop-in at Waffle House for dinner, I wasn’t expecting anything weird to present itself to me. True, there were the assortment of odd toys on offer but nothing I would consider worth blogging on.

Okay, I did pick up a Lego set at Walmart, but that’s Glen’s fault; we went in there for the key clip but he just had to wander us through those dangerous aisles, but we also got some kitchen needs so I forgive my first impulse buy since moving. That’s not important though. All you need to know is that CVS had this in their food section. Behold:


Glen says I have a Lloyd Kaufman quality to me here. My hat-hair doesn’t help. :p

Shaq-Fu hasn’t been a thing since 1994 and is only relevant today as fodder for magazine or internet lists and YouTubers so this can’t possibly be a direct tie-in product, can it? I wouldn’t even think there would be demand for this, in fact as I sit here typing this I suddenly asked myself, “How old is this drink?” I check for a “best by” date: 10/21/18. Since the SNES wasn’t exactly big at the turn of the Roaring 20’s I think I’m good. I did some quick research into this drink and found that it followed the release of “Soda Shaq” and comes in two other flavors besides the one I have here, strawberry and pineapple.

Now before three people on Tumblr or Reddit trip on a soap box and stumble into my blog: yes, it’s grape flavor. No, that’s not one of the most horrible things ever. Shaq himself signed off on these drinks and might I add that it’s totally awesome that he went with the Shaq Fu name. Someone who can say, “Yeah, I did some not-so-great projects in my time but those are part of my career, too.” Fucking solid, you rock Shaq.

So how does it taste? Pretty good, actually. I was expecting some heavily concentrated grape flavor from what Glen described but it’s much lighter, as well as more refreshing than I would expect a fruit-flavored drink to be. You get the grape flavor more at the back of your throat than on your tongue, where it can waft into your nose and bring the added sense of smell. I’d put it as “tasting it twice”, probably what allows it to be refreshing without being a weak beverage. Thumbs up.

4 thoughts on “A Surprise Find!

  1. I looked every where for a key ring… found nothing… finally after weeks…walked out of Lowes with $12 dollars worth of options… Screaming never again…. that was some time last year… I lost all my extra rings… but the one I picked is still going strong…

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