Diagnosis Creatitis: Blogging and You

Creatitis“: a medical term I just made up meaning “swelling of creativity” and refers to an excess of pressure from creative ideas resulting in complications with expelling creativity and not to having a constant stream of creativity secreted from the Muse gland. This ailment most commonly presents as sporadic activity on a blog or social media platform due to either sloth or distraction. Those afflicted with creatitis often complain of feeling like their, “head feels full”, or their Writer Duct is blocked. Both are actually not the case.

Creatitisis is typically brought on by the creative cycles of other individuals. The sufferer, having gone through a regular bout of creative excretion, now feels the need to put themselves on hold in order to catch up with and provide feedback to other individuals, particularly those with which they feel a creative kinship with or close connection to. The term for such individuals are “kindred spirits” or “friends”.

Here’s a zebra finch trying to be intimidating because I decided that “dry funny” tastes like airplane crackers now.

I wouldn’t say that I follow a lot of people. If I followed my addiction to hit the Follow button on everything and everyone cool that came my way I would just fall into a constant state of catching up with and being excited about everybody. I do some creative work, post a few new entries and then I’m suddenly weeks behind because ya’ll are prolific as hell and it’s amazing. So I read your words, watch your videos, hear your experiences, and before you know it, I’ve got creatitis :p! It also doesn’t help that my Engineer in Torchlight 2 does horrific amounts of damage with a two-handed hammer and can throw fire everywhere. I should also probably stop trying to review every weird movie that I watch because that’s just not sane.

So I changed the format halfway through this and reached a point where I said what I probably wanted to say and looking over it, I see that I haven’t said anything. To spin a Zappa quote, “Blogging is writing nothing and then posting it.”

Dear My Brain,

Let’s not write after a Reader binge again, kthxbi :v

Alexander The

(That would be the greatest evil joke. People would always be holding their heads and yelling, “The what?!”)


5 thoughts on “Diagnosis Creatitis: Blogging and You

  1. I’m off and on with this whole idea… I want to read and follow everyone… though at some point I need to get my stuff done… But I can’t stop because I enjoy reading everyone’s stuff… three hours later… maybe I should write something…………. Nah Orcs Must Die 2 … Read a comic… and go to bed….

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