Travel, Typing, and Shower Thoughts

Town & Travel

We’re only halfway through this week and it’s already been a full one here in Gettysburg. On Monday it snowed quite heavily in the early morning and on into the afternoon. Schools were closed early and it got icy pretty fast but the wind had finally taken a break so it wasn’t unbearable to be out running errands. I’ve found it always feels just a bit less cold and peacefully muted when there’s snow falling, never really considered why though. I just like it.

Monday was also my brother Glen’s 31st birthday so I got him a collection of figures from his favorite series and we went out to one of the top Chinese places in town for some nice hot food. He had to work during the day and wanted to bring a cake in for his coworkers. In the bakery department he found one specialty cake that already had “Happy Birthday” on it and was Spongebob-themed. There was no decision to be made there, he wasn’t saying no to such a gift!

Tuesday was my first appointment with the new chiropractor whose office is less than a mile a way and does muscular trigger point work. I was very sore after not having adjustments for over a month and required a lot of naps yesterday and a late wake-up today. The downside is that they don’t participate with my insurance so while I keep looking for one in town who does, my appointments are out-of-pocket. I’m doing it for now because it’s medical and I need it but I can’t make appointments a regular thing on my current budget.

Some time this week we’re going over to NJ to visit friends and family, pick up some more of our things from storage, and celebrate my cousin’s birthday. I’m hoping to coordinate blog and movie stuff around this trip so I have all my tentacles out in case I can get a sucker attached to each thing and obtain some balance.

Blog and Bits

I had a shower thought this afternoon for a board or card-based game involving plants that has a pretty good title to go with it if I may gloat a bit. Of course I’m not going to say much else until I make a prototype and test it out, the world is chock full of people looking for the next game idea so it pays to live under a rock from time to time. 😉

Glen has been a big supporter of the blog since I started it and brings me things that he finds while out and about if he thinks they’d fit the general “theme” of my happy mess. Due to working on other things or just slow points in production, I’ve ended up with a small box of Cool things that he’s contributed. Some of them might become videos, others might be image-based bits of fun; I haven’t decided yet, but I will be working on them.

I’m hoping to burp out a short story about weird creatures and places if I can get my thoughts ordered and just write and think at the same speed. Fingers crossed.

-Pop goes the Boomstick!


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