I feel too much kinship in this post not to re-blog it. Take me out from behind the screen and I can be a clam.

Shikha Tatwadarshi - Parashar

A lily grooms herself night after night to bloom at the first dawn, but a bear goes all macho and sucks honey at one go from the honeycomb. A baby bird flaps her delicate wings and attempts to fly, day after day so it could one day soar high above in the sky, but a cub’s first attempt at a roar is louder than the lawn mower’s first gear.

Why is that I have to prepare a hundred days to say ‘H-h-hello’ but one day a bastard comes and recites a giant joke with perfect pauses in the same go.

I am angry and I am sad because life’s not fair. And since life’s not fair I cheat.

I practice saying ‘hello’ 1000 times in the mirror

H-h-hello, hhello, h-ello,hello. Hello!’


I did it. See.

And then I practice to smile. I hide my shaky hands…

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