A Collaboration Two Months and a Week Late

Remember, remember, the fifth of… January. пе_пе

Well, nobody’s perfect, especially not me, as I have the previous Collab for Deep Blue Sea totally backlogged; it was unavoidable. While my brain spews that out, join Sirs Layne, Peter, and Alexanderton as we apparently turn off the road this week and head into the dystopian world of V For Vendetta, the film that spawned a generation of memes that miss the point.

Showtime is Saturday at 5pm EST/ 10pm UK. We’ll be doing the usual shtick under #V4V or #vVendetta, whichever the dudes like better, or one to be announced.


  • Deep Blue Sea Collab will be out.
  • A new Cool Toy
  • A weirdly monstrous fiction because I’m cranky
  • Re-visiting “Frank” and his invasive writer’s block
  • A new episode of (Weird) Watching

One thought on “A Collaboration Two Months and a Week Late

  1. #V4V… anything with the most V’s… V is my favorite letter… vicarious… my favorite word… fun fact… whore used to be my favorite word… but there are no V’s to be found…


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