Too Much Stuff

It’s either late on a Friday night or really early on a Saturday and I have a head congested with All The Stuff What You Need to Do Right Now. I don’t fall behind schedule due to laziness, I simply have too much of everything.

  1. I watch too many bad movies now that I have entire channels devoted to them. This makes for a reliable source of Watching material but the problem is remembering everything that I’ve just seen (Yes, I tried taking notes in the past; Knucklebones was a long work in progress because of those notes. ) since some of these movies just aren’t on the current market in any form.
  2. I follow way too many YouTube channels. Sure, I could feature something that’s a good fit for my theme but by the time I’ve caught up with the newest material from a few channels and worked through “backlog”, there are I-don’t-know how many channels that now have growing notifications and numbers next to them. Forget the channels that upload daily, I do those in chunks and am probably several weeks behind.
  3. I have too many short story ideas. I wrote a lot when I was in school but never got much feedback. I wrote less and less as I got older and life and jobs and college took over. Now I suddenly have an ideal platform for picking it up again and there are folders full of Notepad documents and partially finished blog posts in work or editing.
  4. I have too much to do with the apartment. It’s a mix of short- and long-term things like furniture and bus schedules and routes, cleaning and cooking and keeping the sink empty.

“Too much” isn’t necessarily a bad thing here, I like to keep busy, there are just days when my ability to juggle priorities and interests seems to dwindle to “make noodles” and “don’t trip over the cat”. Maybe some time spent learning how to play my guitar badly will create an amusing muse.

2 thoughts on “Too Much Stuff

  1. My ‘too much’ ended with me selling darn near everything I owned and stripping everything in life back to as basics as possible. I have hundreds of business ideas, but they are staying firmly on paper and not going any further or I end up running my arse off and never getting anywhere heh.

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  2. I feel you man… I’ve got four different binders for books I’m working on… I follow so many blogs on WordPress that by the time I’m done… I’ve run out of things to say… (A little pissed at WordPress Reader… It never shows me when you post new stuff… Same with a couple of other people I follow… annoying… always late to the party.) Then there is life, work, and the other bull shit… Peter is right though simplifying is better… I did this about two years ago… well it was a nervous breakdown but lets not mince words… came home and realized I only want to wear black… Boxed up all my toys… and Legos…. Short version but what I am saying is… Don’t let all the shit weigh you down… Do what you can when you can… and get paper plates…


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