An Afternoon in Gettysburg

Heroes 4 Higher was in town today. Batman and Wonder Woman rolled into the square in the Hope Mobile, a custom-build Batmobile complete with all the fancy trimmings. Batman gave a speech from the balcony of the Gettysburg Hotel and then came down to discuss the Hope Mobile’s Rolling Memorial with the adults and children before opening it up for kids to have their moment of awesomeness sitting behind the wheel for pictures with the heroes. Every adult there had huge smiles on their faces because they were all instantly eight again.

Husband-and-wife team Batman and Wonder Woman bring hope to the youth.
Everybody wants a turn!
A real beauty of a custom job, you can hardly tell what the original model was. I forget.
It wouldn’t be complete without a rocket engine!

After stopping over at Hauser Estate Winery to pick up some hard cider we next headed to Codori House of Gifts because I wanted to look inside for potential apartment knick-knacks. I wasn’t disappointed. There were a lot of things with a lot of personality and I would have filled an entire bag if I could. I picked up a little decorative bird with the intention of putting it on the nail under our apartment’s number plate at the front door but the clip was too large to grip the small nail, so I put it on the fruit bowl.

Borb in its new habitat.

Along with Borb I was excited to find that there were more of the dinosaur nesting dolls that I saw in the shop during last year’s visit. I seem to remember the outer-most doll being red but that could just be an incorrect memory. It still looks cool.


Brother found and insisted on getting a poseable Very Hungry Caterpillar, not a bad choice. He also picked out a tiny glass penguin so that we could both go, “Whenk” whenever we pass by it.


So it was a pretty good afternoon in spite of it being cold and rainy. 😀

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