Lame Toys with Alex, Part 17: Optimess Prime!

When I first saw this, the only Optimus on a peg full of Bumblebees and Starscreams at the Dollar General, I never would have imagined that anything was suspect. An official Hasbro product in respectable packing, properly tied down within its plastic bubble, all for $5? This tiny Prime was going to be fun, I had to have it for the blog!

Once I got around to opening tiny Optimus up, however, I quickly learned a little bit more about what a lot of Transformers collectors are talking about right now regarding the quality of Hasbro’s releases in recent years. Our tiny robot friend here is, quite simply, total garbage. Grinding ball joints, plastic spoon-quality material, one loose leg, pegs that don’t work, and a waist joint that sounds like my back cracking. The other four dollars clearly went to the box.

It was instant love. The only thing better than knowing that I’ve found a Lame toy for the blog is finding out that I’ve ended up with one. It’s a Hannuka miracle!

Now I’m not saying that everything offered at Dollar General is suspect, but I’m definitely considering it. :p

9 thoughts on “Lame Toys with Alex, Part 17: Optimess Prime!

    1. I had a weird transformer growing up that I could never place the source of. It was fairly simple and the decorations were all… off. I never knew where it came from but now it could have potentially been my first KO. :p


      1. Man I forgot about the combiner series, wooow but damn I didn’t know it got that crazy with the toy line. No wonder they really go for that market the way they do. Lol 😎


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