Weird Patching

Health & Me

I’m back home from a rather abrupt trip down to New Jersey to visit family for Hannuka (It’s spelled a million ways, pick your favorite, wanna fight about it?) during which I managed to swing an emergency appointment with the chiropractor I saw there for my neck and back and take my laptop in to Geek Squad for a look-over. When it fell the center screw and the plastic casing housing it that holds the bottom of the case on snapped and went on an adventure around the inside of the machine. Against the odds, this tiny screw stayed with the bit of plastic and lodged itself behind the fan, staying there until I could take the computer in to be checked.

Chiropractor or not, my back and neck are still a daily thing that I need to be aware of so I found a well-rated bath mat and pillow that included several buyers with issues like mine. I’m hoping that this will make my salt soaks less of a strain on my neck as the apartment’s tub has a pretty straight back rather than a sloping one like I’ve been used to.

Lame Toys & Cool Toys

I brought mostly clothes back from this trip for the apartment but I also selected a box of cool stuff that’s centered around Lego. Specifically, the plan is to make my own combining giant robot because Transformers go for $500.00 and I just can’t handle that kind of thing on my current budget. So let’s see what my skills can make. There’s also some little goodies that I found at Dollar General and Five Below, you can always count on places like that to have oddball stuff.

Output will likely be slower as a lot of stuff is still either in storage or just didn’t make it into the limited room of my brother’s car for the trip back home. Well yeah, it’s already been slower, but-

The Changing Face of (Weird) Watching

The layout, rating system, and style aren’t changing but the content that’s available to me will be. thanks to having TEN TV again, as well as B-Movie TV, INC & INC Horror, Horror Classics, Pizza Flix, Free Flix, and Free Grindhouse Flix, I will be able to cover stranger, more obscure niche sub-genres and titles. Some of these could definitely hit NSFW levels and cover some hot-button issues, so just a Viewer/Reader discretion notice as I test the waters in trying to bring you more interesting material.


Croco/Gators is on hold until I have a proper piece of furniture to store most of them on or in.

That’s about it, back to tapping away on the next blog entry.

6 thoughts on “Weird Patching

  1. I can’t wait to hear about all the crazy movies you get into…

    I designed a Lego sky scraper one time… Est. Budget was $2400 to make it to mini figure scale… Yeah so I scaled that back a little… Okay a lot… but it turned out all right… really wanted to design each floor for a purpose… Could have been epic… I have three projects on hold for budget and space reasons… Lego Batman has been taking all my money… Almost got them all though… Do you collect sets or do it the smart way?…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to collect sets, had nearly an entire “generation” of Star Wars ones but I took horrible care of them. Now I try to keep it smart. A few Creator sets here, a few Lego Ideas sets there.

      I once spent nearly $400.00 between the greatest Lego Space Shuttle ever made and the discontinued Lego Destroyer Droid. then I had to leave for a while and left them and the house in someone’s care. this lead to the cat being allowed into my room and, to make a long story short, both sets now go for $500.00 a pop and I gave up on replacing them. there’s just a point where a set can’t be salvaged.

      I’m a fan of my DeLorean set. 😀

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  2. That is a tough pill to swallow…. I had a chance to get the Super Star Destroyer, but my wife talked me out of it… So I buried her in the back yard when I found out they were going for nearly a grand…. : ) JK… she puts up with me and my crazy Lego collections…

    I buy discount Lego sets and any of the super hero sets I can find… I won $500 on a scratch off so I got the Ghostbuster’s Firehouse… That’s my favorite set that I have… I need to stop buying sets though and just buy the mini figures… Could save money… My favorite pieces are 1×2 and 1×4 plates… So I don’t even really need the rest of the sets after the mini figs… The DeLorean is a nice set… Do you visit The Brother’s Brick?…

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  3. I’ll pick Hanukkah and no I don’t want to fight you for it. hahhaa. i will just as easily go with any Ch spelling of it too. does your family guilt trip you about how long it took slaving over the latke-making process like mine does? haahaa. i like your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nah, the only guilt to be had was with how overstuffed we all were afterwards *while* eating dessert.

      But if you don’t experience guilt, you’ll never know the value of innocence, like when I was a kid and ate half a pumpkin pie by myself. ❤


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