Midnight Licks & Chicks

So there I am, up late on a Wednesday night with a dozen things on my mind. Two backlogged movie reviews, a special blog event in the planning, getting my computer checked out, and finding a chiropractor in town. I’m tired but don’t want to go to sleep yet, a situation we’ve all been in at some point. Brother’s turned in for work the next day and the cats have tucked away in warm corners so I’m by myself with my thoughts. That means one thing: I need to put something stupid on.

Having a Roku TV gives me access to a myriad of unique and unusual channels. Old movies? I’m spoiled for choice. Shitty slasher flicks? I have an entire deck’s worth. B-movies? No end in sight. However, one channel I added had been defying my attempts to identify exactly what it had to offer. B-Movie TV, at first glance, would seem like what’s on the tin, but when I tuned in I was greeted by an attractive woman with a southern accent talking about all the different kinds of women in music videos to some guy who was trying to convince her to go to Hollywood. Was this a constantly streaming channel and I had just popped in randomly on something?

It would take until last night for me to figure it out. This channel is a more conventional channel in that it runs like your standard television station rather than working off of a menu selection like many other Roku channels. When I tuned in this time I was given a brief commercial-styled rundown of the various shows, features, and showcases as well as the dates and times that they were on.

I was then introduced to Zac Romero’s The Final 30, a show with the basis of the host, Zac, watching the last thirty minutes of a movie with review/commentary and then deciding whether or not said movie was good enough to watch from the beginning. I got a good many chuckles out of it and look forward to more.

After a few more promotions for other shows on the channel, a video starts up of this wildly awesome looking dude jamming out on a guitar. Whether it was the late hour, the setting, or the dark apartment, I was completely spellbound by the juicy wails of that guitar, it was mesmerizing. I made sure to remember the name: Ethan Brosh. Dude, you’re a beast, rock on.

I am a rabid fan of instrumentals because you get to experience the raw energy of man and instrument speaking through each other. Am I grabbing some albums? Uh, hell yeah?! If you’re like-minded, check him out.

Then the Midnight Movie started up. Oh. God. I had never heard of Rollerblade but its 80’s VHS grab is strong. It’s the post-apocalypse, anyone without skates, a board, or a cart is a sitting duck. Holding back the evil that plagues the wastes are skating officers and an order of skating warrior nuns armed with holy butterfly knives. Ho-lee shit. I will try- TRY- to do a justifiable movie review of it while it’s still relatively fresh in my mind. It’s for sale on Amazon so if I need to I can buy it. Not like it’s the worst movie I’d purchased, though it’d certainly be in the running.

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