I’m more recovered now from the move than when I last wrote an update, all I really need is to put myself back into the right environment (Either The Ugly Mug or Lark.) to gradually get my writing focus back. I happened to find a Cool Toy the other night while out shopping for things the apartment actually needed so I grabbed it. It’s a simple but happy little thing that should be easy to cover. I’m gradually churning out the next (Weird) Watching. I really do need to slow down and give myself a break and just focus on my hobbies right now, I’m allowed to.

I don’t know when I’ll be getting back over to New Jersey to collect more of my stuff. Among the boxes and bins is one filled with older weird toys and odds-and-ends that fit the theme of what I do here. My hope is that once I have some of that up here the blog will get an infusion of bran and become more regular.

Something rather big is being prepared. I won’t drop any details but I will say that I am rather excited about it.

My attention is also split with my sister. Somebody she was very close to passed away yesterday and she’s going through an emotional crash so I’m trying to be there for support. Interruptions from family are always priority.

Also, my brain ain’t working right now because I can’t remember how to set this as an “Aside”.

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