Checking in

I’ve been running practically non-stop for the last week and a half moving things around, handling deliveries, and getting more familiar with the town than I already was to begin with. In the last day or so all of that activity has caught up with me and I’ve hit my functional limit, just trying to get the TV working and picking up groceries was taxing my depleted energy and wellness reserves, so I’ve been taking a bit of time off to recover my strength.

Cool/Lame Toys is taking a short break as most of those boxes and cartons still have to be moved from storage to the apartment. I’m looking for more material to fill the void and had an additional feature suggested to me. It’s so untested that I don’t even want to say what it is yet until I know that I can actually get it to work. So I’ll get in touch with more artists for Weird Art features and possibly start looking into books, plus get the ball rolling on Croco/Gators again.

I’m also catching up with everyone I follow or have bookmarked to look into when I have proper time to devote full attention. My brain is tired now so I’m going to go do something monotonous.

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