Cool Toys with Alex, Part 7: The M.A.P.H.!

This time we’re looking at a custom Lego job with some really cool design elements and a whole heap of attitude, the Mechanized All-Purpose Hardsuit! I said that I’d include more information about Hermey Hobbies in this post but unfortunately the Amazon Store page is empty and I could find no additional information online, so it appears that they were only operating for as long as they had kits to sell. Sadly there aren’t any more or I would pick up the other variants in the series.

Heck, I probably should have done that in the first place. My record for allowing stuff on my Amazon list to expire is just as bad as my Netflix list. o_O

What the hay, here’s what the others looked like:

Armed Sentry Suit (I really dropped the ball here!)

Red Hardsuit

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