Update: Gettysburg

Things are slightly backed up but otherwise fine, at least as far as moving goes. I can see my new favorite coffee and lunch place from my room, the diner is up the block, and the basic furniture arrives on the weekend. In the meantime I’ve been using an inflatable mattress to sleep on. I picked a bad mattress, deflation issues and poor support all night, had pains all over today and required some downtime in the afternoon just to stop my back from going into a spasm.

I’m getting ready for bed so I just wanted to give a brief update that isn’t dripping with self-pity. I have a Cool Toy set to go in video format, possibly the last video-styled one for a while unless I make a breakthrough. I’ll admit that a few of them are funny to watch. I’ve also shuffled the movie schedule around because I can and will be covering something that’s much easier to write about than what was “supposed” to be next in order. I was just finding it very difficult to write about this particular horror movie while conveying the vast amount of dark humor that it contains; It’s like my mind could only focus on one or the other.

So that’s it. Going to Thanksgiving lunch with the family tomorrow. To friends and readers State-side have a happy Thanksgiving, and to the international audience may your day be just as enjoyable. 🙂

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