Meatloaf: One Man’s Odyssey

This wasn’t something big enough for me to consider making a blog entry about so I put it on the Twitter feed instead. After some time without a nibble I thought I’d just share it here for the sake of its history with me. This was one of the first videos that I found on YouTube back when the place wasn’t more than a year or two old. This youth was probably what allowed for the weirdness that made up my first Favorites folder.

A computer crash completely wiped out nearly all of those ancient archives and I lost track of some truly bizarre stuff. This was a very long time before I ever bothered to make a YouTube account and construct video folders that would survive the apocalypse. This was one of the few videos that I was able to relocate and it’s still as weird as the day I found it because to this day I don’t know who originally made it, what the point is, or if there’s even a point at all.

As art, it’s strangely engaging. As a story, it’s a surreal jumble. As weird, it is legend.

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