A trip postponed and gripes of wrath

Today I was supposed to head down to Gettysburg to sign the lease on the new apartment with my brother. Since our Dad is stuck in the city with board meetings, it was Mom who was going to bring me down to get that done and also have a day of celebrating in town.

Well today she woke up in no shape to go anywhere and there isn’t an Uber drive around who’ll take my butt from Woodbridge, NJ to Gettysburg, PA so that’s currently on hold. I don’t know what my brother is doing with the papers now but I’m letting him and my parents go back and forth with it for now because I grumped out like a boss and wanted to just go back to bed after being all packed and everything (I’m not mad at anyone, I’m just in that state where you have important plans and then suddenly don’t.), but I have other things I want to do today, which is mainly tonight now.

Prime among these is getting the (Weird) Watching ready for tomorrow. As I’m hitting a mental wall, that means re-watching the movie to get it fresh in my mind again. I simply will not submit an old and truncated Facebook-styled review on this blog, no-no-no! Good thing I really liked this one.

On the plus side, I have something cool to share. The newest piece in the Croco/Gator collection, something I’ve been lagging terribly on, is truly unique even among some of the more interesting bits that make it up. Look for it very soon.

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