Cool Toys with Alex, Part 6: Robo Explorer

Today is my birthday so I was out most of the day doing errands and then treating myself to Thor Ragnarok and some new sneakers. As a result I didn’t get this out until pretty late in the evening, in fact it’s just hit midnight so I’m technically posting this tomorrow, which is today. o_O

Anyways, it’s pretty cool that this one landed on my birthday as well because I love this particular Lego set and had a lot of fun putting this video together. I didn’t worry about music with this one as I was still experiencing issues with OpenShot (Those problems with MP3 files have been patched, thankfully.) and focused more on playing around with sound effects and timing. I’m also much more laid back and talk a lot slower since I’m behind the camera and don’t feel the rush to immediately churn out words only to keep freezing and slipping up.

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