A lot ahead

Just a short update as I’m currently out of whack and trying to get back into whack. The new apartment becomes available to start moving stuff in on Tuesday, which happens to be my birthday. Given the ride that the last year has been I think that a new place is all the gift I need, I’m not even having a party because I have to look at new beds and desks and massage chairs; Maybe I’ll go see Thor if I can make time. First this new place has to be livable, then I can worry about the finer details like wall art and starting an eccentric book collection.

I need more regular sleep, less exposure to constant news, and apparently more fat in my diet.

My doctor has me trying hemp oil extract but after my first dose I had serious muscular pain. I don’t know if they were related or if the timing was just on but it’s made me skittish of trying again so I’m forcing a reset of my sleep cycle in order to try taking it earlier in the day and with either just the dropper or a spoon to see if mixing it with the tea was just a bad idea. Being hypersensitive to everything in a real drag.

So I’ll be looking at stuff and when I’m not looking at stuff I’ll be moving stuff, and when I’m not moving or looking at stuff I’ll be blogging and tapping away at a nice morbid story I thought up the other day.

“Bleh” goes the Boomstick.


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