Weird Art Feature: Time for Teletubbies

I considered several pieces from my Favorites collections to feature in this first “Blog-Official” entry and I decided that I just had to go with Time for Teletubbies by prosurvival because I remember seeing it in thumbnail form on the front page for the first time and thinking, “That’s unsettling as hell.” You’ve got a warm and sunny landscape of rolling hills stretching off into the horizon and stuck right on top of those hills is this eldritch horror of an interpretation of Po as a long-armed, eyeless fiend with gnarled hands and a slobbering maw gaping from his paunch. His proportions are also so mixed up that you get the impression that those are actually low mountains and he’s a horrid giant. Tubby Custard is people!

Time for Teletubbies, ©2017 prosurvival
[Featured with artist’s consent]


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