A bit less Me, a bit more You

In such a short amount of time since joining WordPress and launching this messy blog, around a month and change, I’ve met some really cool and inspiring people. Shout-outs to Little Fears and Purple Pants for being my introduction to social blogging and the literary side of WordPress, I couldn’t have asked for friendlier folks or lousier jokes 😛. Go check them out and show their work some love, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time.

It’s been amazing to see all the little footprints I’ve made in so many parts of the world. So far my little craft of weirdness has touched down in places like Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, the UK, Romania, Japan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Thailand, India, Australia, Ireland, the Philippines, the UAE, Canada, Turkey, Greece, and Malaysia. That’s quite a lot for a little collection! It seems that people the world over can appreciate a little weirdness in their day.

But I’ve been so busy between archiving and touching up old material and looking for a house/apartment (Which finally got approved on a really nice place in an excellent location. All that’s left is to sign the lease!) that I’ve really fallen behind on checking in with everyone who has stopped by to leave a kind word as well as some of the folks I follow. So, now that I get that I don’t have to be daily,shouldn’t worry about this blog because it’s supposed to be fun, and can focus on making brand new stuff, I’m making sure to take time to look around and not only see what I’ve missed, but what I’m missing.

Pop goes the Boomstick!


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