Glitch in the Matrix

Yesterday my Dad got back from work and walked into the dining room to put his bag on the table as he always does. The kitchen doorway gives me a good view of this from where I have my computer station set up so I called out a, “Hey.”, to him. “Hello”, he answered back before heading back through the front hall to go up and change. Maybe forty-five minutes later, I hear the front door open and hear my Mom call out, “Hey there.”, from her laptop spot on the couch up in the living room (It’s a split-level house.) and my Dad answer, “Hey.” I got up and went into the front hall a little confused.

“Did you go back out?” I asked. “What do you mean?” he said. “I didn’t hear you leave before.” “I just got home.” he said, giving me one of his several amused Dad-faces. I got more confused. “But you got home a while ago, I saw you put your bag down. I said hi.” Still the funny look. “No, I just got in the door.”

I turned to Mom. “You didn’t hear him come in before?” “No.”, she said. I’m sputtering now, trying to explain but unable to wrap my head around what’s happening. My Dad somehow came home from work twice, and nobody experienced it the first time but me. Who or what did I see the first time? Who did I talk to, and who answered? o_O

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