The creeps of the night have taken over WSwA for a day a frightening fun and horrible hijinks!

Scary stories!
A mutant Lame Toy!
A Bigfoot sighting!

It’s time to put away the stress of blogging for a day and have some good old-fashioned fun. Tonight the ghosts and the goblins take over the place, bringing Halloween-themed goodies with them! So let’s get to celebrating the creeps and candies!

Scary Tales, Real Stories, and Creepypasta!

Let me introduce you, reader, to some of the best horror narrators I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Sometimes they might present you with an original piece or one contributed by another author. Perhaps they’ll delve into the darkness of the modern online urban legend with an assortment of bizarre “creepypasta” with themes ranging from the infamous Slenderman or Jeff the Killer to more recent tales that slowly become harder to tell from fact. If you’re particularly lucky, as I was, they might even include one of your own stories or real-life experiences in one of their many user-submitted collections.

Compiled for you here is a list of just some of these New Horror masters. I’ll be sharing more great readers like this in the future.

Be. Busta: hailing from Australia, Be. and his Hive of listeners have been bringing horror and Dad jokes together in a way that the world really needs more of.

Blue_Spooky: with a laid back and gracious reading style, Blue can lend a false sense of security to even the eeriest things.

Corpse Husband: Corpse has that incredible kind of deep voice that can’t be explained and simply needs to be heard.

CreepsMcPasta: Imagine the gentlest English voice, almost child-like, describing the most bone-chilling situations as if they’re completely benign just before the fangs sink in. That’s good ol’ Creeps.

Darkness Prevails: With an extensive library consisting of just about every topic you can think of, Darkness Prevails narrates user-submitted stories with a personality that’s contagious.

Dr. Creepen: If ears got pregnant, Dr. Creepen would be the father of Mankind. With his sinister trademark chuckle, slow and precise English voice, and humble afterwords, The Dr. is a real charmer.

Horror Readings by G.M. Danielson: With his amazing range for voices and accents, Danielson narrations of both classic horror tales and submissions from contemporary authors are truly theatrical.

KingSpook: Listening to KingSpook is like listening to your father, grandfather, or uncle finally getting something heavy off of his chest to you while sitting in a bar. There’s no nonsense or damns given if you don’t believe it, son, I was there.

Lazy Masquerade: Another great English narrator, Lazy is an absolute delight even when he’s not getting his spooky on.

Lets Read!: Starting out with classic stories and then working up to submissions of horror tales and true stories, Lets Read’s voice has a soothing quality to it for a horror narrator, making his collection easy listening for any length of time.

Manor House Productions: With professional-grade productions featuring multiple voice actors, music, and sound effects, MHP is like tuning into the radio horrors of old.

MrCreepyPasta: The Original, The Granddaddy, The Prime. If you want to hear where the wave of horror reading started, this is your Mr.

Unit #522: “There’s always a reason to be afraid.” Guest readers are frequent on 522’s channel but he’s just as solid as a stand-alone narrator.


Night of the Lame Toys!

The festivities have been interrupted by a strange monster!

Halloween Mutant Furby
What the fuck is that?!

It looks like some deranged mutant Furby! Look at those dead eyes gazing unfixed from a ring of corpse-like flesh, those feet stuck in a steady forward gait, the mangled hands reaching out for “Noloo”! Run! Run before that wicked beak can tear at your flesh! I don’t know how to stop it, the tag doesn’t have any answers!


Bigfoot Confirmed!

I was getting the blog updates finished up when I heard a noise outside the kitchen window. I turned around thinking that it was a neighborhood cat only to freak out at what I saw. Grabbing my phone, I managed to run out and capture this piece of video:

Incredible! It must have been lured out by all the candy going around today.

There was quite a lot more that I wanted to do with this but WordPress is not behaving with video embedding right now, in fact all of my previous posts with embedded videos show up as “can’t be played” and none of the troubleshooting has helped. Still I’d like to thank you for joining me. 🙂

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