Movies plus the weeks ahead

I’m currently ironing out the wrinkles in what was supposed to be the next (Weird) Watching but it’s been a bit of a week to work through and my mind is still revving back up. I’m definitely getting it done by tonight and I can always edit it later if I feel it needs patching. I have some movie backlog to work with as well so I should remain busy for a little while.

Lame and Cool Toys will slow down a bit in the next week or so as I’ll be fully caught up and both depend on me finding worthy subjects. There’s several large Lego projects coming up that will be a combination of writing with photos and short video embeds. I’ve been trying for some time to get the translations on some of them but have had no luck so if I have to come up with names myself I’ll do that.

Anything else I can think of I’ll write up. Right now I need a screen break.

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