Lame Toys with Alex, Part 15-A: Dollar Dudes!

Some time back when I needed to refill the box of weird toys to cover between a marathon of movie reviews I stopped in at one of the Dollar Stores in my town. Not only did I find an insane “T-Bots” coloring book that I have to start making funny with but I found two wonderfully cheap action figures.

I don’t care how niche this one is, even if just one person’s day included a laugh from “Special Force”, he has done his job.

This was the first video I played around with music in, mostly due to me being sick at the time and having no idea what I could possibly say about a plastic dude who comes with three pieces of plastic.

I’ve also pinned down why these older video files don’t work or edit in program: They’re .MOV format, something that Windows 10 doesn’t support.

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