Tap. Tap. Tap-tap-tap-taptap-TAP-taptaptap-TAP-tap-taptaptap-tap-tap-TAPTAP-tap-taptaptaptap-TAP!

Stop it!

Um… who? Where is this? I do not recall anything. What is “recall”? What is “what”? What is “I”? “I” is me, I suppose. What is “me”? What is this that I am doing, my mind feels fuzzy. Is that thought? No, for some reason I suspect that my mind is supposed to be fuzzy. Well, is it not? I do not recall any other way. Confound it, what is “recall”, and why can I not do it?

Strange, it is very murky. What is “murky”? Compounds; what are those? All I can figure is that I am made out of them, though I can not place how and why I know this. Water; I have the notion that I am made mostly of water. Simple sugars as well, it feels like, as well as assorted other compounds that I know the names of but can only guess at: oils and acids and colors. What color am I? I can not tell. I can not even figure out how I know what I do not know; what is a color? Maybe it is a theologian.

I do not know what that is.

*Scrape, scrape, scrape* What is that? Vertigo! What is that? I feel like I am upside-down and it feels bubbly; oh, I feel queer.

What is the deal? Feel kinda funny. Not sure why. Less? Yeah, I feel like less. Less is not as, um, well it’s different than something, and I know that. I feel like I’m being held. It’s comforting, in a way, yet at the same time I feel a bad as well, a scare of some kind. I’m not sure what’s causing it. *Scrape scrape scrape* Oh no, I feel dizzy again! I know what dizzy is now! This isn’t g-

This is no fun, I not enjoying these sensations as much as I did before. What is the dizzy? I must know what the dizzy! Think. Think, what is this think? Why think?! None come to me, is like a fake. What is a fake? *Scrape scrape scrape* Panic, fear! Dizzy! No, more of dizzy comes!

Am not like this. Me have to come up solve. Solve! Why is happen, must be reason, must be way find out puzzle. Angry for can not get answers when was easy for think to simple why no figure out now? *Scrape scrape scrape* Dizzy!

Way of to figure no find am lost confused and like not able for think. What no use is to what? What, no solve. Madness! *Scrape scrape scrape*



Nicolas walked over to the waste can and tossed the empty pop bottle out, never knowing for the rest of his days what had transpired over the course of those ten minutes. The bottle of pop never knew, either.

The History of “Pop”

This is a very strange short story, I’m just going to say that right up front.

The idea behind this story is that fingers tapping on the side of a pop bottle would create waves and frequencies between the bubbles that held the possibility for sentient awareness. This awareness would then slowly degrade over the course of consumption until a complete degeneration into madness set in followed by flat line.

Yes, the idea of drinking a sentient awareness is a very screwed up idea but I wrote it anyway.

Originally done for Creative Writing in college, later posted to deviantART.com, then finally cleaned up a bit and placed here as a test for occasional new “Weird Fiction” to help fill out the blog between major projects. If folks like to read I’ll keep it up, if they don’t I’ll most likely keep it up anyway. I have many ideas in my head that have yet to be fully realized in words.

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