Lame Toys with Alex, Part 14: Dollar Dregs!

The video breakdown continues to plague me but I’m working around it. 🙂 Anyway:

What you see Featured there is an “X-Bot”, one of three different robots that can be taken apart and rebuilt in a limited but acceptable number of configurations between them. Each has a different set of weapons and a different color scheme. They’re small but solid figures and will run you about $3.10 at any Dollar General.

Really? You’re that cheap? Not to fear, Family Dollar has you covered with “Robot Defender”. Not only do you have two to choose from but they also come with one weapon, are twice the size, completely hollow, and poorly made!

We’ll also be taking a look at some DRAGON figures.

Seeing this again just reinforces my belief that I should stick to writing. This one seemed to go well during filming only to come out with the toys not being in frame for around seventy percent of the video. Maybe it’s because of the crap background and cramped working conditions I had to put up with in that guest room, maybe it’s my weird face and mannerisms, but I still don’t like this one. o_O

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