Update on the new house

There is no new dream house, somebody offered cash. My mood and energy just dropped out through the soles of my feet. The whole family is going through different forms of anger and grief. I just got a cake and ordered a bunch of Chinese food. It’ll be bad movies tonight and stomach regrets tomorrow.

So I’m taking a break today. I just got in from a day of doctor appointments and now that I have this news I just don’t have the drive to edit right now.

2 thoughts on “Update on the new house

  1. I feel you, man. My lease extension is still going on after 9 months. Can’t begin a sale until it’s finished. I’ve seen several dream homes come up for sale and vanish in that time. We’ll all get there in the end. Stick at it and follow you drea…. Stick at it. 🙂

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    1. The realtor found another small house on the same stream but it doesn’t feel the same right now and I have no idea where it is because streams go places, you know? I’m leaving it to them, my brother and the rest of the family right now. I’m left with enough willpower to either pick up and keep looking at houses, or continue archiving and creating new material for the blog. Since the blog is keeping me happy right now, I’m going with the blog. If they need me to look at a house I can do that, I just can’t search for one right now.


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