Cool Toys with Alex, Part 5: Lego Dimensions Bad Cop!

The world of gaming has seen a rising trend in peripheral titles. Back in the “old days”, “peripheral” referred to any device that wasn’t part of the core console, either items that required the core console itself to function like the Game Boy Camera or the Sega CD or devices that claimed to “enhance” game play like the Power Glove. What I use this term to refer to today are games that come with a base which allows for limited but functional play and offers tons of additional content which can be added to said game to open up additional options, abilities, or play areas, be it through cards, toys, figures, or the like.

I find this style of game execution to be as stupid as IAP, a thing for suckers or unwary parents. Any game company that releases a title like this is an intelligent crook that feeds off of our inner vice to use real money to buy useless physical stuff in order to use it in a virtual world that ultimately doesn’t matter.

Now allow me to tell you why I play one of these games. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As with all purchases that turn around to bite me in the ass, it all started at Five Below. I was browsing the shelves when I saw a display of small Lego sets. I am already a sucker for Lego so if there are a bunch of tiny cheap-o sets I’m already interested. These, however, looked extra cool. among the strange Lord of the Rings, Chima, and DC figures with seemingly superfluous vehicles were an Emmet and Bad Cop from The Lego Movie. Little figures and vehicles to build and display, complete with a tiny version of Emmet’s Construction Mech? I wasn’t familiar with this “Dimensions” line but how could I say no?

Boxed Bad cop
This is what the face of someone who has unknowingly bought into something he doesn’t like looks like. Note the ignorant optimism.

So I brought my new Lego sets home and popped open Bad Cop first to check out his different vehicle builds. A set this small being a 3-in-1 is an awesome feat of brick engineering so I was geek-excited.

So much squeezed into so few bricks, it’s micro-building on an impressive scale! So let’s get Bad Cop put together and placed onto his stand. I still didn’t understand why any of these little sets needed them other than to be fancy but I could dig the details and clear blue plastic. In hindsight, several details on other boxes, like “Level Pack” were equally strange and should have tipped me off since I’m an adult with a fully developed brain, but then again I once ate a dog treat out of curiosity. Word to the uninitiated: don’t eat dog treats out of curiosity, that act should have instantly weeded me out of college.

So I have my minifig and Now I’m set to build me some vehicles. I turn the page of the unusually thin instruction manual and read, “Place the mini figure in the center of your Lego Dimensions board and follow the on-screen instructions to continue building.”


Place the mini figure in the center of your Lego Dimensions board and follow the on-screen instructions to continue building.


Place the mini figure in the center of your Lego Dimensions board and follow the on-screen instructions to continue building.

Fffuuu-” ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

I now realize what I have done. I have been enticed by the pretty thing on the shelf to buy into a game built on buying more pretty things. More specifically, I have just bought Lego sets that I can’t build because they don’t come with instructions. That’s bullshit, never mind that I didn’t read the fine print. Okay, maybe I goofed a bit. Maybe. So, now I had to order a copy of the game, which fortunately comes with the Lego set peripheral required to plug into the related console packed in along with it. While I waited for that to arrive I got some PDF instructions through a Lego site, probably fan-run, not the worst but not entirely proud either.

So each vehicle build has its own in-game abilities in addition to the ones that Bad Cop brings to the table as a playable character. Here are brief descriptions of each one.

Police Car
  1. Equipped with Tow Bar, allowing some walls to be pulled down to access bonus areas or items.
  2. Can interact with Accelerator Switches, which are powered by driving a wheeled vehicle onto them to open doors or power objects.
Aerial Squad Car
  1. Flight. Flies around on “wheel boosters”.
  2. Flight Dock. Interact with floating objects.
  3. Cargo Hook. Lift and carry things to objects or locations, various.
Missile Striker
  1. Flight. As previous build.
  2. Flight Dock. As previous build.
  3. Cargo Hook. As previous build.
  4. Silver Brick Blow Up. Destroys Silver Gates that block certain areas or items.

Having played through some of the main story line, explored a bunch of the Adventure worlds, and collected a few select Packs to maximize ability types, I have to say that Lego dimensions isn’t as bad an experience as I thought it would be. Peripheral-based games can be rewarding if you approach them cautiously and with good spending sense. So Lego Dimensions Bad Cop redeems himself as a Cool Toy.

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