My Review System

What makes something “Lame”?

When I use the term “lame” to describe any toy or device, I do so from a completely personal view point with humor as the ultimate goal and not as a derogatory term towards said thing. When being considered for a Lame piece, there are several factors involved:

  1. Where and under what circumstances did I find the item?
  2. How does it present itself and of what quality is it?
  3. Are there typos on the package?
  4. Would I buy this for myself or someone else under normal circumstances?

If I’ve found an old toy at a flea market, is it lame? If it’s in good condition and of decent quality, then no. If I found it under a table at the back in a box of loose parts and it looks and feels like spending actual money on it is a bad idea, then yes! This is also always the case if I found it at any kind of dollar store, and more likely if it’s in a store but is trying way too hard to be noticed. So stuff like this-

-easily receives the “Lame” title. The whole point of Lame Toys is to give the shoddy, cheap, and ridiculous some love and a moment in the spotlight.

Movie Ratings

What does “Favored Ability” mean and what are those weird acronyms?

This part of the rating system comes from my old Dungeons & Dragons days. On movie boards I like to mix up my own annual Movie Challenge ratings by going with a certain theme, like using candy for Halloween. I settled on abilities for no particular reason that I can think of now, other than that trying to match a given movie to one is fun. There are six in total:

  • Strength (STR): brutal, doesn’t give you time to think
  • Dexterity (DEX): fast pacing, doesn’t drag
  • Constitution (CON): doesn’t collapse under its own weight
  • Intelligence (INT): good use of resources and time
  • Wisdom (WIS): good use of genre knowledge
  • Charisma (CHA): high entertainment factor

It is both possible for an ability to be applied negatively and for a movie to receive more than one ability if just the right balance is struck.

How does the number system work?

I would hope that’s obvious but it’s based entirely on opinion and works on a scale of 1 (usually “Poor”, but can vary), 2 (Below Average, not many may like it.), 3 (Average, it’s decent), 4 (Above Average, has redeeming qualities), and 5 (Excellent/Awesome/Etc., viewing time repaid in full). At least that’s how it works so far.

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