Don’t Follow Your Passion

I found this too important to not reblog it.

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Don’t follow your passion??


In a world where everyone seems to have this whole “Life” thing figured out – it can be downright frustrating taking a simple stroll down social media avenue where the rich get richer and the amazing happens to everyone but you.

Hell, the only exciting thing that happened to you today was that you didn’t run out of toilet paper – high five.

Today we live in a world where everyone shares their accomplishments yet few share their struggles.

The outside world only sees the good and never the bad – we  fail to see the work that goes into success.

But we’re lucky –  the cat’s out of the bag, the successful have shared their secrets to building an incredible, soul fulfilling life.

The secret is this – follow your passion.

Just follow your fuck-king passion and the world will open up for you…

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