Lame Toys with Alex, Part 11: In the Navy!

Notes below. This was also when I did a Lame feature each Tuesday. Archiving goofs that up but I used to work with misfiled papers so it must come naturally.

This was the first video that I took a crack at making back in the earliest of these early days , around March or April I believe, and the lesson I learned is that I was horrible at video. Long stretches of silence as I’d try to get things set for the next presentation needed cutting, leading to so many splices that my simple editing software refused to function at all, leading to this supposedly simple video taking a week to complete, and even then there were patches of garbled audio and flashes of black screen where none should have been. The camera is a mess, I look like a shaggy mess; It’s a mess.

I’m awkward because I’m trying to be funny, I’m awkward because I’m in front of the camera, and I’m awkward because I do several takes until I think I got it funny but once I watch it through it just gives me such a “creep” vibe that you can tell far to easily when it’s forced and when it isn’t. I also repeat myself 😕 . Future videos slowly improved with music and effects as well as just allowing myself to simply act “like me”, which turns out to be much funnier, but I still really need proper tools if I’m going to keep making them. Still, I figure that history ought to be shown as it was, so here it is.

Potoo's Reaction
I watched it. Oh god, it should have stayed buried.

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