The Gettysburg Dime Museum

Take a trip with me, dear reader, to a weird and wondrous place. Behind the door of this unassuming house rests the fantastic collections of the Gettysburg Dime Museum.¬†We’ll be lifting the veil of time and going back to a period where collecting and exhibiting curiosities was the craze of the upper-class.

SEE! Bizarre hybrid beasts, half man, half animal! SEE! Cabinets of medical specimens and “pickled punks”! SEE! The Room of Serial Killer Memorabilia! SEE! Abraham Lincoln’s poop!

Join me now in pictures and words on just a peek at the wonders that wait within the walls! The tour begins in the foyer if you’re just joining us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All this and more await you within the Gettysburg Dime Museum! Owner Mark Kosh is also very knowledgeable on all manner of subjects relating to dime museum history and the collecting of curiosities and a lot of fun to talk with. So plan a trip today and don’t forget to include this museum in your itinerary!

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