Unusual Apollo Rocket Footage

Unusual Apollo Rocket Footage

I have a love and fascination for outer space and all science and technology related to studying its mysteries, I was even at STS-135 to see off the Atlantis’s last mission. Being at the Kennedy Space Center and seeing all of the different rockets, components, and massive hanger with the rocket that carried Apollo 11 to the Moon was a Bucket List event for me. I was so glad to share that with my Dad, even when he put up with me being all dramatic over touching a Moon rock. The memory that stuck the strongest for some reason was sitting at the Moon Rover Cafe under the massive hanging rocket stages with him eating crappy hamburgers. I guess it really is the little things.

Anyway, here’s an interesting video for fellow techno-geeks or anybody who likes looking back to a time of major space exploration, not that we aren’t in one now of course. 😉

I think the selection of music is perfect.

2 thoughts on “Unusual Apollo Rocket Footage

  1. That’s some pretty darn special footage. I have a friend who stays up to watch all the rocket and satellite launches online. When she tells me with enough time and I get to watch them too, they still leave me in awe.


    1. I try keeping current with the space programs, it’s some of the only good news there ever seems to be. I remember tuning in for the Curiosity touch-down on Mars and the Rosetta hitting a ridiculous mark by intercepting that comet, tt’s absolutely mind-blowing when you take in the astronomical scope of such achievements. 😀

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