Catching up and forgetting a movie

In the short time since I started here on WordPress I’ve met several interesting Bloggers and been introduced to many more. I’ve had to create a new web folder dedicated specifically to WordPress blogs just to keep up with the rate of exposure so I’m not constantly jamming those Follow and Subscribe buttons; I’m highly interested but wan’t to avoid coming off as a spam-hound, you know? :p

I have plenty of time to get up to speed with everyone and I know it’s going to be hella cool.

I had another chiropractic appointment today and between that and friends wanting to game I’ve had to split up my writing time into several daily sessions. The issue there is that I’m getting the next archived movie ready for publishing, only I don’t remember the details as well because it’s still written in the truncated Facebook style so I’ll have to re-watch it and make a note sheet. The good news is that I absolutely loved this particular horror flick so it won’t be a big deal.

Also, just something that made me fanboy out today. When I got back from the appointment and was checking the daily feed on Facebook, I saw that Catnippery’s page for Breakfast Impossible had shared my review. It was the same giddy feeling as when Darkness Prevails read a story I’d submitted. It’s like, “Wow! For a brief moment I’m like a tiny part of this, like the pinky toenail of this awesome thing that I love!” I can say anything with a keyboard! XD

So while I’m polishing that review, I’ll be sharing some weird tidbits of interest on here and Twitter. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these appetizers. 🙂

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