Lame Toys with Alex, Part 9: Birb


This is “Birb”. As you can see, “Birb” has an incredible amount of feathered detailing all over its body and sports some fine charcoal detailing. That doesn’t matter though because this is a little bird and my family only gives me little birds for the patiently mad face that I make and the perverted joy their black hearts receive from it.

When you get in close it’s actually kind of ugly, those dark, beady little eyes and seemingly sculpted frown. The feather etching still had to have taken a skilled and slow han- NO! It’s a bird figurine and I am NOT giving proper respect to a binky bip-head!



Yeah, screw you, you do “birdy-head” and look all angry at me with your fluffed feathers, that’s not intimidating when you’re a nugget!

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