(Weird) Watching with Alex, Episode 11: Clive the Zombie

Clive the Zombie: Zombies R Friends & Zombies R Forever [2011/2012]
Created by: Sonny Vegas
Featuring: a lot of puppets
Produced by: Righteous Insanity
Category: ಠ_ಠ

The Roku is a mystical device with the ability to take you to weird places. I find most of that weirdness on TEN TV. Sometimes it’s familiar, sometimes it’s an original, but now and then it’s something completely batshit. I found Clive the Zombie in the “Independent” list with a cover display of a guy getting eaten by a zombie puppet. It’s short and I’m feeling easily entertained, so I put it on for us to watch.

I wasn’t expecting everybody to be a puppet! Holy crap, what’s going on? This is hysterical! It’s a crazy case of political correctness being stretched on a rack on the belief that zombies are our friends and would never hurt anyone, complete with the ensuing chaos because DUH!


Rating: 5/5 (Brilliant) [+5 ZOMBIE PUPPET MASSACRE]

Apparently anything will work if it involves puppets.

Enough talking, watch it!

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