A short trip.

I don’t talk about it much on here but my brother and I have been having an annoying time finding an apartment or house. I think that’s all about to change though because I’ll be on an overnight trip to go see what I can only describe as the perfect house.

The first house option we kept was right in the middle of town across from the bus station. I’d be in walking distance of my favorite places and have easy access to transportation. I’d be able to frequent my favorite diner, coffee shop, art galleries, and maybe meet a cute college girl. Pretty sweet, right?

The second house option was nearer to the edge of town but still with easy access to a few places and with Uber I’d have no problem getting around. We’d also be across the street from a Y so I could use the pool to get regular exercise without over-exerting myself and getting sick. Still pretty sweet.

This third house is twenty-five minutes from town. It’s out in the country on a road that you only need to go down if you live there. There are fields and trees and a stream that runs right behind the place. there’s an outdoor building with power and a stove, an enclosed wrap-around porch, a little fenced dock that sits over the water, a fireplace and a wood stove. The outside also looks like it’s made of giant chunks of bark. there’s even a little shed-barn. I could have a Blogging Barn, invite neighbors over for grill or go fishing, have fall fires, read and draw on the porch or dock, and surround myself with quiet mental clockwork.

Asked what I thought: “Glen and I can go into town any time we want and visit our favorite places and hang out with women anywhere, but if we pass up this house we’ll regret it forever.” So we’re off to storm the castle. I’ll bring my laptop in case there’s time to post something from my archive folder, heck, maybe I’ll even rearrange the numbers and give ya’ll some newer material, but it’s a tight schedule so I won’t punish myself if I don’t.

Make your weekend awesome!

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