Cool Toys with Alex, Part 4: Skullsmasher

This blog is about toys, games, and movies, so it would seem pretty counter-productive to such a hobby that I have a bit of an anxiety issue when it comes to impulsively buying things that my mind occasionally deems as frivolous non-essentials. This is particularly true if they’re on the expensive side, so it’s not unusual for me to allow some time to pass before going back to whatever I saw.

Well, our subject was just out on the shelf in a toy store and I wasn’t sure if it was worth getting. It took two more visits to this store and still seeing the figure sitting there before I finally bit the bullet. When I eventually got around to tell it for a laugh my family took my not immediately buying a transforming robot crocodile as a sign of acute illness.

So today we’re taking a look at Skullsmasher, an impressive bot from the Titans Return line. As mentioned, he’s a frigging robot crocodile.

“I got this name for a reason, bucko!”

As you can see he’s quite garish in dark green with neon pink gloves and pants, but being that the whole point of Titans Return was to bring back and update the look of the original line of toys, I have to say that the overhaul is excellent, from spikes and metal plating down to those pearly whites. Skullsmasher comes with a little Titan Master called Grax; Titan Masters server as heads for the larger robot bodies.


“Hi, I’m Grax, Titan Master to Skullsmasher! I boost his Power from 10 to 13, Speed from a pitiful 3 to a respectable 8, Brains from 8 to 9 (No jokes about my tiny head!), and Damage from 5 to 9. I’m a great pal!”

“I’m also single!”


When not engaged in being the head of a giant robot, Grax easily stores away in a concealed compartment in Skullsmasher’s back, effectively stealing the title of Best Car on the Block from Bill who still hasn’t returned your screwdriver set. Alternatively, you can also just put Grax into Head mode and store him up Skullsmasher’s butt (Really.) but that’s really not fair to your little partner if you’re just not feeling the whole “humanoid” thing on that particular day. Yeah it’s a robot but there’s still got to be tons of grease, eww.

Grax’s tail is held on by a peg and serves as storage for his laser blaster. When detached it serves as a gun post for Grax. At first I thought it was supposed to be either a gunboat or one of the most boring “oh look, a feature.” gimmicks imaginable until I found that you’re supposed to attach it to Skullsmasher again so that Grax can serve as tail-gunn- oh, I see what ya bastards did there.

As this was back before I began practicing with video, I present you with this wonderfully bland photo montage of Skullsmasher’s transformation! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then you get Grax set up and pop his head on like something out of Pacific Rim or GurrOH. MY. GOD. Guillermo del Toro is a Gurren Laggan fan, hell yeah, Bro! Deep breaths, focus… right, so you pop him on and make Skullsmasher do something super epic like smash his giant metal fists together. The green and pink coloration works better in robot mode since it’s now broken up into the lower limbs with a green central torso. He’s even got this weird chest-face thing going on, just like a Gunman. It all keeps coming up Team Gurren. :p

The tail we talked about earlier then splits into a laser blaster and a somewhat awkward shield that can all be used as an even more awkwardly cumbersome Big Stabby Thing. I think the shield approach is better. But now it’s time for my favorite features!


By folding the fists back into the arms and bringing the claw back up you can give Skullsmasher a mean set of punching claws, but the best part of all is that by detaching Grax, you can do this:

Mecha Were-Dile! Metal. As. Fuck.

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