Lame Toys with Alex, Part 8: Tiny Plastic Robots!

Are you familiar with those plastic bubble machines near the exit of ever major grocery store in the world, the ones with tiny toys? Well I picked up a bag of twenty of the little things.

Bots 1
This is it?

These guys are tiny! Even out of the bag the whole lot fits in my hand. The plastic is super soft and flexible so I don’t have to work about breaking them but the drawback is that a lot of them suffer from hobbled legs and can’t stand. I can certainly fix that with some bases and a bit of glue.

Getting any kind of close detailed shot is currently impossible with my camera which is a shame because for their size these bots have FANTASTIC mold detailing: the ones armed with chain guns even have seven microscopic muzzles on the end!

There were only five of the chain gun variety included. Of the five, two can stand but only one cooperated, thought you can get a better sense of the detailing in that single bot. Wasn’t I right about that chain gun?

Bots 6
There can be only one!

The rest of the bag was full of these robots, who are either standing front-on and ready to box or attempting to perform the hippie shake. They’re a bit like Super Battle Droids I suppose. They face either to the right or to the left and most of them have mold problems with their feet so they don’t stand.

Bots 7

Bots 8
The next teen heartthrobs!

The five ruffians performing a perfect dance pattern for the judges. Though not as detailed as the chain guns, they do have fingers on their hammy fists.

I very much dig that some of them as teal as well, being that that’s my favorite color.

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