Croco/Gators: Croc Mutant Warrior

I’ve slacked with my alligator/crocodile collection to this point because some of them fell under Cool or Lame listing and I wanted to keep to the order they’d bee originally shared in. Well, I’m at a point where I can comfortably ignore that nagging inner voice.

I’ve done two of the collection so far but now I’m going to take care of some awesome right out of the gate with this beast of a figure. I present to you:

Crocodile Mutant Warrior!

And now… I give you- your INCREDIBLE…!

Seriously, take a look at this beast! This is what an anthropomorphic crocodile should look like: completely unromantic, rough and scaly all over. It’s a reptilian apex predator with thumbs, you’re just fucked. And this bruiser makes use of those thumbs, sporting a wicked broadsword and heavy mace, and even if you manage to get past either of those threats, you’re only brought yourself into this:

“Hi. This is my mouth!”

Just look at those chompers, you have no hope at all. And can we take a moment to drink in the amazing mold work on this figure? The uniform scaling of the underside of the body, the bony plates cresting the head and running down the back, that superb scale work- there are even tiny sensor pits on the snout!

We haven’t even touched on the armor yet. The leather pieces are properly buckled with straps and steel buckles, the brass pauldron and leg guards are all bolted and decked out with spikes to match their wearer’s skin pattern, and the heavy red plates sport an intricate brass inlay to complete the effect.

Come at me bro, I missed lunch.

Here’s a good shot of that heavy, powerful tail, another potent weapon, just to showcase more of that awesome scale and bone plate work. This figure is truly a masterpiece and I consider it an honor to have this as part of my collection, mainly because it will hurt me if I don’t say that.

What do you think? Is Croc Mutant Warrior a bad-ass?

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