Busy day plus October plans

I got back from a full day out with back-to-back chiropractor and muscular trigger point specialist appointments about half an hour ago and feel very loosened up and tired. At some point I stopped over at Walgreens for a snack and it wasn’t until I was seated in the waiting area for my muscle appointment that I realized I’d forgotten all about picking up my prescription while I was there. Yeah.

This paragraph comes after I had to lie down and was out for a couple of hours. I feel a bit better but my mind is very hazy. I’m currently trying to figure out what my Halloween costume will be this year. Last year I put a costume together and went places as Mark Watney from The Martian.

Call me Blondebeard.

I found the NASA suit and gloves at a costume store, and what I didn’t get online was easily obtainable at Five Below. I have my helmet, pirate bandana, beard, snow boots that made excellent space boots, and a tactical belt with pouches containing:

  • A stress potato (pictured)
  • A baggie of fake poop
  • A tiny stapler and tweezers
  • A small roll of duct tape
  • A pill bottle of “Vicodin” (I spent over an hour picking through an entire $5 tube of Smarties to get the white ones)
  • A baggie of dirt
  • A packet of ketchup I ran out

I won Most Original Costume at the big friends get-together :p. The year before that I went to a big party with a ton of fellow geeks dressed as Spiderman from Turn Off the Dark. For those who don’t know, Spiderman: Turn off the Dark was a Broadway show some years back that had a short run because there were constant accidents with Spiderman falling into the audience. I don’t remember how many actors they went through, but I ran with it:

The vote ended up calling it “Spiderman with Broken Everything”.

That won Funniest Costume, with the bow-tie and little trophy. The bow makes the neck brace a little hard to see and I had to keep reassuring people that the arm and neck injuries were completely fake.

So I haven’t decided I’ll be taking the cool route or the silly route this Halloween since nothing particularly huge has stuck in my mind this year. We’ll see what bobs to the surface of my mind. I’ll be picking up again tomorrow, so until then. 🙂

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