Cool Toys with Alex, Part 3: Minecart!

Short and simple, this one. I have never been around a Matchbox or Hot Wheels display and not spotted a really cool design. I’ve had cars shaped like space dragons, animals, and amazing concept cars over the years so yes, I’m a sucker for a good design and paint job: call me shallow. So when I saw this:

Hey, cutie, buy me a drink?

-you can guarantee that my inner child and geek both started jumping up and down doing spaz-hands.

This is a superb realization of the mine cart. It looks fantastically pixelated and is built to carry several mob figures that come with additional Minecraft play sets. There were no play sets to be had at that particular store so I fortunately didn’t end up buying one just to take the creeper out and put it in the cart before putting the rest of the box in the closet, because that is exactly what would have happened. I think the cart is cool all by itself though, how about you?

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