The Hunt for Harvey

Many years back on my first trip to Mexico to visit my grandmother in Tepoztlán, who moved there when she retired, I would frequent the outdoor and covered markets. You could find anything there, especially bizarre knockoff toys or just “original” ones of such poor quality that you took a risk spending even a single peso on them.

My joy of that market was a transforming helicopter that I named “Harvey Hover-Shit” because of how wonderfully bad it was. The plastic was super cheap to the point where arms and legs would fall off just because, the paint was lacking, and the robot mode was floppy and completely unable to support itself.

Against the odds, Harvey made it back home with me and is still around today. The thing is, I don’t recall if Harvey was in the box that’s currently in limbo as the new office or in storage after selling the old house. I really want to find Harvey because that would just make the best presentation on here.

The only existing still image of “Harvey”.

More than a little searching eventually revealed the mold to be a cheaply knocked-off Transformers Energon Quickstrike. Searches for knockoff toys don’t tend to work so I’m glad to at least have a lead.

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