(Weird) Watching with Alex, Episode 9: OMEGA

OMEGA [2014]
Directed by: Eva Franz & Andreas Goralczyk
Screenplay by: Eva Franz
Featuring: Vocals by: Paula Ketteler & Hans Leo Neu
Production: http://omegastopmotion.com/index.html
Category: Stop-motion animation

The flavor of OMEGA is similar to our previous venture into indie web animation, Junk Head, but could be seen as being told from the opposite perspective. We are dropped into a world which has produced a bizarre biosphere of mechanical or otherwise synthetic organisms. We follow a singular being, the Ohm, across this landscape. We will encounter fantastic lifeforms and strange pseudo-societies, the functions or driving forces of which can only be guessed at as the Ohm strides across the wastes with grim determination. What is the purpose of the Ohm? What drives it on, what does it want?


Favored Ability: CHA. OMEGA‘s strongest link are the gorgeous visuals.

Rating: 5/5 (Otherworldly) [+2 World Crafting, +2 Animation, +1 Awesome Bonus]
OMEGA is a monumental experience condensed into the duration of eating lunch. It lives and breathes, drawing you in with its beauty. Just remember that the spider’s web is also beautiful.

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