Lame (Cool?) Toys with Alex, Part 7(2?): SPACESHIP! Pew-pew-pew!

As can be clearly seen by the title, I couldn’t decide what to classify these as because on the one hand it’s a bag of cheap plastic spaceships but on the other it’s a bag of plastic spaceships! So I split the difference in order to make my work folder make sense. That folder only needs to make sense to me. :p

These Kid Fun Space Cruisers came as part of a “two’fer” from Amazon for a really great price so of course I felt compelled to put them on the blog. When the pack arrived there was a hole torn in the bag and one of the ships was falling out. I knew it was destiny. So let’s get into this bag!

Let’s start off with this pair of cruisers which clearly aren’t Klingon Birds-of-prey. They still have some great style with those giant twin engines and Gothic ribbing along the mid-deck.


Next we have this pair of very authoritative-looking battle cruisers. The cockpits aren’t well painted but that’s very easy to ignore with those little shark fins and huge turbine intakes that add some badassitude to the already imposing missile pods and domed gun turrets.

Here we have a poor ship who wore the same thing to the party as somebody else. The Not-Klingon look doesn’t work quite as well with the left wing being a little bent but it at least tries to be different with a second smaller cockpit and sloping drive.

On to this amazing fighter looking very streamline with its swooping curves and sporting four laser guns. The whole design is very sleek, making it a damn shame that the effect is marred by having “MADE IN CHINA S.H.” stamped right onto the wing rather than on the underside of the ship like all the rest.

If this next one reminds me of anything it’s the Psychlo ships from Battlefield Earth, putting it in the running for “Best Design in the Bag”. With those low-hanging heavy guns, high cockpit, angled wings, and twin fins, this is one imposing cruiser. Even the wings being slightly asymmetrical doesn’t throw off its style. Almost.


While we’re on movies here’s Not-Stargate, a simple little fighter with some nice paneling details and neat up-swept rocket ports. That’s… pretty much it.

Now we’re getting into the odd bunch of the set. This one reminds me of too many things to pin down a proper title. The buttressed wing design and huge rear engine do make for an imposing look and there’s some nice paneling and part details but it’s odd, like three rejected ships had their molds squashed together.

This is straight-up an Anomalocaris. The fins, the mouth parts, the eyes, the middle finger to nature. You can’t argue otherwise. Definitely unique and interesting with great mold details, but I keep seeing tiny faces on the forward, what do I call them, pods? Why are there creepy little faces?

Brothers from other mothers.

Ah yeah, now we’re onto the two “Blade Cruisers” as I like to call them. In gold we have Not-Andromeda and in Silver is the Stabby TIE Fighter. As Non-Andromeda lacks weapons I’m not sure what purpose this one would serve other than “scout”, unless it’s supposed to be a dreadnought-class ship. Stabby TIE Fighter, however, is sporting some nicely concealed laser guns behind those serious choppers and is just dimpled, paneled, and grooved to good grief!

All in all these make up a very interest fleet with only a few imperfections and some spotty paint work holding them back from total “cool” status. That’s not too bad for a bag of cheap plastic spaceships.

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