(Weird) Watching with Alex, Episode 8: Killdo

Killdo [2014?]
Directed/Written by: David Gooslin
Featuring: Cherokee Hall, Stacie Gillespie & Heather Price
Production: Wormwood Cinema
( YouTube)
Category: Independent Horror Comedy

When I had originally been working on Episode 8 some months back, the movie for proved to have so much to be written about it that I would have ended up posting the content late so I opted instead to briefly cover this movie about a murder-dildo because let’s face it, that’s the stuff people really want to read about. The summary of this TEN TV offering was so stupid that I selected it immediately while everyone was taking too long to decide, cackling with mad glee at the now captive audience. Oh Killdo, you did not let me down.

Two bumbling burglars break into a woman’s home while she’s out jogging with the intent to steal her collection of Beanie Babies and sell them online. While doing so, one of them finds a dildo. They make dildo jokes and then go back to sacking the house. The dildo (Whose name is “Richard” by the way.) comes to life, sprouting arms, legs, and an angry face and proceeds to hunt the two guy throughout the house.

Favored Ability: DEX. This one’s short and moves along at a fast pace, giving you no time to give any actual thought to what it’s about.

Rating: 1 (Poor) [+1 Stacie Gillespie]
You’re going to need to be a true fan of stupid-awful and toilet humor to enjoy Killdo. About the only things it has on its side are the very short running time and the fact that my boy Stacie Gillespie is in it. You’ll be reading more about him in the future; Actually, if you checked out Breakfast Impossible, you already know him!

Watch Killdo on your TEN TV channel or at the studio’s official YouTube channel below!

But do you want to?

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