(Weird) Watching with Alex, Episode 7: Junk Head Part 1

Junk Head Part 1 [2013]
Production by: Takahide Hori
(Main Website)
(YouTube Channel)
Category: Stop-motion

I enjoy independent film because, for better or worse, it’s not as weighed down by producer interference and goes more into telling a story and if not at all then at least less into “Can we merchandise this?” This Friday I thought I’d do something a little different and talk a little bit about an independent film that I can actually share with you. In fact, this film is very independent as it’s the work of one person.

Humanity has found the key to longevity through genetic manipulation but lost the ability to procreate in the process. In order to keep the workforce going these humans created clones, and we all know what eventually happens with clones. 1,200 years later humanity has who-knows-what spawned by the clones dwelling deep in the substructures beneath them. An ecological survey is in order and the film follows the roller coaster ride which that turns into. You will see bizarre things down in the tunnels, better keep alert.

Prepare for descent.

Favored Ability: INT. Not a single minute of time is wasted. This strange, far-flung future world lives and breathes with distinct tiers of societal development and ecological interaction.

Rating: 5/5 (Excellent) [+3 Character/Creature Design, +2 World Building, +1 Animation]
Junk Head 1 remains one of the most visually interesting works of animation that I’ve ever seen and stands as a truly impressive monument to imagination and dedication to an idea.

Junk Head 1 is available to watch on YouTube with several language subtitles available. There is no version without them because all characters speak in a strange language of guttural sounds or warbling babble. The effect is very strange and adds to the futuristic setting by presenting viewers with the idea that so much time has gone by that Earth’s languages have progressed to the point where they share no commonality with the past at all.

Junkhead Part 2 was recently completed this summer and is in the process of securing theatrical release, follow them on Facebook for all news and updates!

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